Mega-Net ChurchPro

Mega-Net ChurchPro is an integrated Church Management Information System that provides an affordable, comprehensive solution for managing entire church operations and activites – from Members Bio-Data, Members Children Bio-Data, New Converts, First Timers, First Timers Attendance, First Timers Follow-up Visits, Accounts, Events and Church Services to Inventory, Billing, Financials, Human Resources, Payroll and Bulk SMS, Dynamic Reports.

    Features & Benenfits of Mega-Net ChurchPro (Return On Investment)

  • Manages your entire Church operations and activities
  • Provides everything the Church needs to create highly formatted reports and analysi
  • Consolidates data for a complete view of the Church
  • It grows with your church as functions can be added on-the-go as you require
  • Help creates Connections Between People, making the church feel more like a family
  • Increases direct income
  • Help people communicate better with colleagues, members, etc
  • Boosts Data Security
  • Authorized Users are created with different access levels
  • Records are backed up automatically to external device, cloud, etc. where ever you choose.
  • It is user friendly with a simple and excellent interface
  • Runs on a Stand Alone Computer, Client Server Network, Pier-to-Pier Network and the Internet
  • There's no more searching the paper file page by page
  • Supports concept of paperless Office
  • Decreased denials
  • Helps to track pledges, first-timers, attendance, etc
  • Enhanced intra-organization communication and coordination
  • Information within the automated files are complete and legible
  • Reduction in data errors
  • It helps church to recognize and respond to opportunities more quickly
  • You can send automated and bulk sms to members reminding them of events, meetings, etc
  • Better quality of service and care leading to improved members satisfaction
  • The dilemma of misplaced files is eliminated
  • Helps the church succeed to reach its set goals