Mega-Net GuestsPro

Mega-Net GuestsPro is an affordable Integrated Administration and Hotel Management Software which has complete solution for daily hotel operations that includes Front Office as well as Back Office functions - Accounts, Human Resources, Payroll, Billing, Reservation, Check-In Guests, Debtors, Creditors, Check-Out Guests, Inventory, Laundry, Housekeeping, Bookkeeping, Automatic SMS, Bulk SMS, Emailing, History, Missing Items, Guests Messages, Room Maintenance, Forgotten Items, Available Rooms, Reserved Rooms, Occupied Rooms, Guests Loyalty Services, Eatery Services, over 100 dynamic reports you can preview and print, etc. It provides a clear & efficient interface to build the most amazing hotel management files without worrying about the inner workings.

    Features & Benefits of Mega-Net GuestsPro (Return On Investment)

  • Manages and streamlines your entire hotel operations
  • Increases direct sales as your guests enjoy the convenience
  • Enable more robust data collection and analysis
  • Help people communicate better with colleagues, guests, customers and suppliers
  • Plays a crucial role in cost control by enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • Boosts Data Security
  • Authourised Users are created with different access levels
  • Records are backed up automatically to external device, cloud, etc.
  • Reports can be converted to PDF, Emailed, Faxed, Saved, etc.
  • Runs on a Stand Alone Computer, Client Server Network, Pier-to-Pier Network, Internet and the cloud
  • You can send automated bulk SMS to guests and staff alike
  • You can send emails within Mega-Net GuestsPro
  • Better quality of service and care leading to improved guests and customers satisfaction
  • Workers will spend less time filing and tracking down and managing files
  • The dilemma of misplaced files is eliminated
  • Optimizes revenue recovery, increases cash flow and reduce operating costs
  • Enhanced intra-organization communication and coordination
  • Improved risk management and reduce customer waiting time
  • Information within the automated files are complete and legible
  • Reduction in data errors and denials
  • Supports concept of paperless Office
  • Promotes guests loyalty and satisfaction through the Guests Loyalty Modules that leads to more business.