Mega-Net PharmacyPro

Mega-Net PharmacyPro is a low-price integrated Pharmacy Management Information Software which has complete solution for Pharmacy daily operations and processes. Generally helps to manage the entire Pharmacy Inventory, Sales, Accounts, etc.

    Features & Benefits of Mega-Net PharmacyPro (Return On Investment)

  • Manages entire Pharmacy processes and activities
  • Prints receipts using POS receipts printer
  • Automatically tracks drugs that would expire within a specified period.
  • Efficiently and comprehensively takes care of your Accounts processes
  • Eliminates theft due to its internal security checking routines
  • Has comprehensive Help and Tutorial files that could serve as reference manuals
  • Automated backups makes sure your data is always safe even in the event of system crash
  • Create authorised users with different access levels on the fly
  • Easy and intuitive to use with an excellent User Friendly Interface
  • Eliminates denials
  • Runs on a Stand Alone Computer, Client Server Network, Pier-to-Pier Network and the Internet
  • Reduction in data errors
  • Seamlessly and efficiently integrates returned items to stock
  • Fast, small, reliable and packed filled with amazing functions
  • Better quality of service and care leading to improved customers satisfaction
  • You can send automated and bulk SMS to customers
  • Cost structure makes it very affordable for everyone.